Choosing a Storage Unit

How do you choose the right amount of storage space for your items? Well, at U•STORE•IT , we have basically seen it all when it comes to packing valuables into a concealed storage unit. That said, we can give you a good idea of how much space to budget for depending on what you’ll be storing at your nearest U•STORE•IT facility. Here is a handy guideline to keep in mind!


Home storage can include a wide variety of items like family heirlooms, antique furnishings, seasonal décor, clothing, appliances and more.

  • One Bedroom = 50-100 sq. ft.
  • Two Bedrooms = 100-150 sq. ft.
  • Three bedrooms = 150-220 sq. ft.
  • Four bedrooms = 250-300 sq. Ft.



Consider the amount of important personal and/or business files that pile up over the years. These could include family history documents, sentimental photo albums, insurance files, legal paperwork and more.

  • 150 Boxes = 50 sq. ft.
  • 300 Boxes = 100 sq. ft.
  • 450 Boxes = 150 sq. ft.
  • 600 Boxes = 200 sq. ft.



Bicycles, motorbikes, watercrafts and cars are just some of many vehicles you may need to stow in a personal storage unit.

  • ½-tonne van = 20-50 sq. ft.
  • 1-tonne van = 100 sq. ft.
  • 3-tonne van = 150-200 sq. ft.
  • 5-tonne van = 220-300 sq. ft.


Once you’ve calculated the amount of storage space you’ll need, get a quote at the U•STORE•IT location nearest you.