Moving Boxes, Supplies and More

At U•STORE•IT, we believe in providing our customers with a one-stop shop for self storage solutions. Finding a clean, secure and reliable storage facility is challenging enough; we provide an extensive inventory of moving supplies at competitive prices so you can spend less time rounding up boxes and bubble wrap, and more time planning for the big move.

Our impressive inventory includes:

  • Small, medium and large boxes
  • Package sealing tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Surface defense protective paper pads
  • Saftypak for art and photographs
  • Protection kits for mirrors and glass
  • Glassguard and dishguard protection kits
  • Dust covers for mattresses, sofas and chairs
  • Kraft packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Padlocks

Ready-to-Go Storage Packages

To make your storage process even more efficient, our ready-to-go storage packages at our Red Deer location streamline the product selection, which allows you to conveniently plan your packing according to the materials you receive.

Box Package Deals at 10% to 15% Off (Red Deer Site Only)

Value Pack*

This pack offers excellent value for your money. You save 15% compared to buying the products individually. The pack contains:

  • Five small boxes (2cu)
  • 10 medium boxes (4cu)
  • Three large boxes (6cu)
  • Two rolls of tape


1-2 Bedroom Pack*

All the things you need for a 1-2 bedroom house at 10% savings. The pack contains:

  • Five small boxes (2cu)
  • 10 medium boxes (4cu)
  • Three large boxes (6cu)
  • One tape gun kit
  • One marker pen
  • One 15’x12″ roll of bubble wrap
  • One roll of newsprint


3-4 Bedroom Pack*

Moving a large number of items? You will benefit from our largest pack. It includes all the things you need for a 3-4 bedroom move at a 10% savings. The pack contains:

  • 10 small boxes (2cu)
  • 10 medium boxes(4cu)
  • Five large boxes (6cu)
  • One wardrobe box
  • One wardrobe bar
  • One tape gun kit
  • One marker pen
  • Two packages of 15’x12″ bubble wrap
  • One crumple-and-fill
  • One roll of newsprint


Student Pack*

Going off to university? Shipping your things back home? Planning a trip around the world? Whatever your post-secondary plan is, we’ll help you pack with this great-value Student Pack at a 10% savings. The pack contains:

  • Two small boxes(2cu)
  • Three medium boxes (4cu)
  • Two large boxes (6cu)
  • Two document boxes
  • One roll of tape
  • One shipping tube
  • One package of 15’x12″ of bubble wrap


Archive Pack*

Our archive pack contains 20 document boxes at 10% savings.


Ask our U•STORE•IT Red Deer On-Site Manager for pricing.